Tips a Sellers should know going into Closing Day

You have been waiting for someone to make an offer on your property and someone has made the perfect offer! The offer has been accepted and a closing date has been set! Here are a few tips for Closing Day:

  1. Bring a valid and up to date drivers license.
  2. If you are required to bring funds to closing it must be certified funds.
  3. All utilities must remain on until closing day to enable buyer to do final walk-thru. However, make the call to have all utilities taken out of your name as of day of closing.
  4. Cancel your home owners’ insurance and any flood policy you may have. This is not cancelled automatically, but do not cancel before you actually sign the papers to sell. If you cancel before you close and you don’t close on the home for any reason, you would be without coverage.

Hope you find this helpful. – Cindy


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