Hi, I’m Cindy

Allow me to introduce myself…I am Cindy Bailey from the small town of Morgan City.  I am a wife, a mother of three and a grandmother to Luke who has stole my heart and is a huge joy in my life. I have lived in the Lafayette area for 13 years now and started my real estate career 13 years ago when I moved to Lafayette.


Most of my life I was a stay at home mom who loved cooking, cleaning and taking care of my family. I enjoyed playing tennis occasionally and worked part time with my husband. After my children were grown it was time to focus on a new beginning with new challenges.  We were moving to Lafayette and I spoke with a realtor about buying a home here and thought “I want to be a realtor”. I wanted to own my own business, to be out and about meeting new people and every day  to be different. I was moving to Lafayette and that was a new beginning in itself, so why not start a new career! In Morgan City I played a key role in shutting down a hazardous waste incinerator and was elected City Councilman before I moved away. Check those boxes DONE and now on to New Challenges!

My journey to becoming a realtor involved tons and tons of education, day upon day of studying and lots of money for classes, tests and dues to become a realtor. The very first year I was awarded “Rookie of the Year” in my brokerage. Being driven by that success, I was determined to become a Top Producer in Lafayette. I credit my success to God’s favor as I knew no one when I moved here, my awesome husband who was always my encourager and cheerleader, and lots of hard work and long hours. The highest compliment I can ever receive is my clients coming back years later to buy or sell from me again or referring me to their family and friends. That is a humbling experience and I take it seriously. In challenging myself, I sometimes view each day as “never good enough”. I sometimes think what could have I done different, always pushing the envelope forward to get to the closing table and making my clients happier along the way. 

The biggest challenge in my career is micromanaging the many pieces of a successful journey to the closing table while keeping my clients as stress free as possible, this being one of the largest investments of their lives and one of the most stressful times in their lives. When all the moving parts come together it is always the highlight of my week, well, that and when I get to play tennis! There is such personal satisfaction in helping someone‘s dreams come true!  After many struggles and challenges, hard work and dedication, I am humbled and at the same time take pride in knowing that I have met my goal and have developed into a Top Producer and professional realtor in the Acadiana area. I continue to work hard every day to maintain that goal.


I will leave you with this quote…

If you wake up every morning, loving what you do, help and inspire others around you to be better than they were yesterday; then you know you must be doing something right in business and in life.   -Ashely Bodi

Hope to see you soon, 

Cindy Bailey


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