Love of History & Romance in Broussard

Originally Nash’s restaurant was home to the Edmund Comeaux family. This historical home was built in Broussard in 1908. The person responsible for converting it to a restaurant was Lee Bobcox in the 1970s. During that time the only changes that were made were the wrap around porch being transformed into a  beautiful glass porch and a commercial grade kitchen was added.

A lot of what you see is in its original state…the wooden floors, the porch shutters, the iron and tile work. The current owners, New Orleans natives Jenny and Nash Barreca, acquired the restaurant in 1999 and are now settled in, making it a part of their everyday lives, loving it’s unique character and rich heritage, and sharing all this with their patrons.   

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While  sitting down with Jenny I was able to learn about all of her favorite Love stories. The majority of all engagements that have happened at Nash’s include their must have chocolate cake with the ring placed right on top of the cake. 

Can you guess what the most popular Valentine candy is? No surprise here- Hershey’s Kisses is number one! Year after year people make it a tradition to revisit this historical place, even asking to sit at the same table they sat at when they got engaged which makes it even more memorable. Even today this restaurant is making history in people’s lives that will be passed down from generation to generation.  

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Where do you plan on spending your Valentines night? I know where I will be! And I can only wonder what couple will begin their lifelong love story in this special place on this special night, Valentine’s night!

True love stories never have endings. -Unknown

Hope to see you soon,



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